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Official Launch of Dana Jones Foundation

The objective of the official launch of the organization is to establish a presence in the community, and to identify key players both in terms of financial support, and in laying out goals and objectives for the future. Date TBD.

Annual 4th of July Picnic Fundraiser

As an ongoing annual event, the 4th of July Picnic brings together the Board of Directors, friends and family to mark the Annual General Meeting of the organization – to celebrate accomplishments of the past year, and to set goals for the forth coming year. The secondary goal is to further raise funds from direct donations from those in attendance.

Capital Campaign

As we establish the organization, portions of money raised will be set aside to allow the purchase of key equipment for Dana’s immediate needs.

Endowment Fund

To help preserve the future of the organization, to be able to assist in future grant opportunities for research – a portion of all money raised will be set aside for this fund. The objective in the first year is $100,000.

Research Grants

As a key long-term objective of the organization, is the ability to offer research grants towards finding a cure for NBIA / PKAN. IT is our objective to raise $100,000 in the first year towards offering these grants in the second and subsequent years.

Program Comments
CEO Program Comments
As a new organization, working towards immediate assistance for Dana and future funding for research, we have a tough climb ahead of us. As the organization takes hold, and matures, goals and objectives will strengthen and adjust to the reality of the day.